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A classic of American ingenuity
Fences, Gates, and Bridges, Second Edition, is your practical instruction guide to the best methods of building an incredible variety of fences, gates, and bridges for all regions and weather conditions.
Originally published in 1900, Fences, Gates, and Bridges features a section on fences that boasts an impressive medley of materials and designs, including the zigzag fence, the cheap and portable barbed-wire fence, and a sampling of sod and stone fences.
And what is a fence without a gate? The second segment of this fully illustrated book guide’s you through the making and setting of posts, as well as the construction and installation of swinging gates, sliding gates, pulley gates, and more.
The third and final section consists of information on a number of bridges, depicting a wide selection of them designed for crossing gullies and culverts, as well as ornamental bridges for gardens and walkways.
Fences, Gates, and Bridges, Second Edition is a functional pocket manual and a testament to American ingenuity for all of your fencing, gating, and bridging needs.
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