Table of Contents
List of Contributors.

Introduction: "Where We Stand".

Part I: Aesthetics:.

1. Postmodern Theology as Cultural Analysis: Mieke Bal.

2. The Man Who Fell to Earth: Gerard Loughlin (University of Newcastle upon Tyne).

3. Communion and Conversation: Regina Schwartz (Northwestern University).

4. The Ends of Man and the Future of God: Janet Martin Soskice (University of Cambridge).

5. "Lush Life": Foucault's Analytics of Power and a Jazz Aesthetic: Sharon D. Welch (University of Missouri).

Part II: Ethics:.

6. The Midwinter Sacrifice: John Milbank (University of Virginia).

7. Postmodernity and Religious Plurality: Is a Common Global Ethic Possible or Desirable?: Gavin D'Costa (University of Bristol).

8. The Christian Difference, or Surviving Postmodernism: Stanley Hauerwas (Duke University).

9. Justice and Prudence: Principles of Order in the Platonic City: Catherine Pickstock (University of Cambridge).

10. Visiting Prisoners: William C. Placher (Wabash College, India).

11. Suffering and Incarnation: Graham Ward (University of Manchester).

12. Earth God: Cultivating the Spirit in an Ecocidal Culture: Mark I. Wallace (Swarthmore College).

Part III: Gender:.

13. An Ethics of Memory: Promising, Forgiving, Yearning: Pamela Sue Anderson (Regent's Park College, Oxford).

14. Is Macrina a Woman? Gregory of Nyssa's Dialogue on the Soul and Resurrection: Virginia Burrus (Drew University).

15. "They Will Know We are Christians by Our Regulated Improvisation": Ecclesial Hybridity and the Unity of the Church: Mary McClintock Fulkerson (Duke University).

16. On Changing the Imaginary: Grace M. Jantzen (University of Manchester).

17. Companionable Wisdoms: What Insights Might Feminist Theorists Gather from Feminist Theologians?: Serene Jones (Yale Divinity School).

Part IV: Hermeneutics:.

18. Shattering the Logos: Hermeneutics Between a Hammer and a Hard Place: Daniel Boyarin (University of California at Berkeley).

19. The Renewal of Jewish Theology Today: Under the Sign of Three: Peter Ochs (University of Virginia).

20. Intending Transcendence: Desiring God: Edith Wyschogrod (Rice University).

Part V: Phenomenology:.

21. Transfiguring God: Richard Kearney (University College).

22. Presence and Parousia: Jean-Yves Lacoste.

23. The Formal Reason for the Infinite: Jean-Luc Marion (University of Paris, Sorbonne).

24. Religions as Conventions: Joseph S. O'Leary (Sophia University, Japan).

Part VI: Heideggerians:.

25. The Self-Saving of God: Thomas J. J. Altizer (State University of New York).

26. The Subject of Prayer: Unwilling Words in the Postmodern Access to God: Laurence PaulHemming (University of London).

27. The Christian Message and the Dissolution of Metaphysics: Gianni Vattimo (University of Turin).

Part VII: Derrideans:.

28. The Poetics of the Impossible and the Kingdom of God: John D. Caputo (Villanova University).

29. Anti-Discrimination: Don Cupitt (Emmanuel College, Cambridge).

30. Is There a Postmodern Gospel?: Walter Lowe (Emory University).

31. Indian Territory: Postmodernism Under the Sign of the Body: Carl Raschke (University of Denver).


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