Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction.

Part I: Definitions: .

1. Catholic Reformation or Counter-Reformation?: Hubert Judin.

2. Counter-Reformation Spirituality: H. Outram Evennett.

3. Was Ignatius Loyola a Church Reformer? How to Look at Early Modern Catholicism: John W. O'Malley.

Part II: Outcomes:.

4. The Counter-Reformation and the People of Catholic Europe: John Bossy.

5. Reformation, Counter-Reformation, and the Early Modern State: A Reassessment: Wolfgang Reinhard.

6. How to Become a Counter-Reformation Saint: Peter Burke.

7. Little Women: Counter-Reformation Misogyny: Alison Weber.

8. The Thirty Years' War and the Failure of Catholicization: Marc R. Forster.

9. 'The Heart Has Its Reasons': Predicaments of Missionary Christianity in Early Colonial Peru: Sabine MacCormack.


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