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Keeping the Secret of the Bones
Could Leave Jack With Blood on His Hands

After his many adventures, Jack Hawthorne has finally settled down. Married to Espy, and with two sons, he's content to live the life of a mild-mannered university professor. That all changes when someone discovers the secret of the prophet's bones Jack buried in the desert thirteen years ago. With just a single phone call, Jack's back on the run...with even more at stake than ever before. Determined not to risk the lives of his family, he knows the only way to finally be safe is to deliver the bones once and for all.

Except they aren't there. Someone got to the unmarked grave in the Australian outback first, leaving Jack and Espy empty-handed. Desperate, the two begin another globe-spanning race, following the tiniest of clues, to find the one thing that will either save their family or tear apart everything they hold dear.

"Hoesel has created a tale worthy of Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon, complete with secret codes, ancient artifacts, globetrotting action, and wily enemies. An exhilarating read for sure." --Publishers Weekly

"Blood and Bone is a fast-paced, action-filled thriller that will keep you engaged from beginning to end." --Fresh Fiction
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