Christianity Through the Centuries, Expanded Third Edition
Table of Contents
Contents Charts, Maps, Pictures and Credits Acknowledgments Preface Introduction Ancient Church History (B.C., A.D.) The Spread of Christianity in the Empire to 100 1.The Fullness of the Time 2.On This Rock 3.To the Jew First 4.Also to the Greek 5.The Books and the Parchments 6.With the Bishops and the Deacons The Struggle of the Old Catholic Imperial Church for Survival 7.Christ or Caesar 8.Fables or Sound Doctrine 9.Earnestly Contending for the Faith 10.The Church Closes Ranks The Supremacy of the Old Catholic Imperial Church, 313 – 590 11.The Church Faces the Empire and the Barbarians 12.Conciliar Controversy and Creedal Development 13.The Golden Age of Church Fathers 14.The Christianity of the Cloisters 15.Hierarchical and Liturgical Developments Medieval Church History The Rise of the Empire and Latin-Teutonic Christianity 16.The First Medieval Pope 17.Christian Losses and Expansion 18.The Revival of Imperialism in the West Ebb and Flow in Relationships Between Church and State, 800-1054 19.The Emergence of the Holy Roman Empire 20.Revival and Schism in the Church The Supremacy of the Papacy 21.The Zenith of Papal Power 22.Crusaders and Reformers 23.Medieval Learning and Worship Medieval Sunset and Modern Sunrise, 1305-1517 24.Attempts at Internal Reform 25.The Papacy Faces External Opposition Modern Church History 1517 and After Reformation and Counter-Reformation, 1517-1648 26.The Background of Reformation 27.Luther and the German Reformation 28.The Reformation in Switzerland 29.The Reformed Faith Outside Switzerland 30.The Reformation and Puritanism in England 31.Counter-Reformation and Evaluation Rationalism, Revivalism, and Denominationalism, 1648-1789 32.The Establishment of Christianity in North America 33.Rationalism, Revivalism, and Roman Catholicism Revivalism, Missions, and Modernism, 1789-1914 34.Roman Catholic Victories and Vicissitudes 35.Religion and Reform in Great Britain and Europe 36.Foes of the Faith 37.The American Church in the National Era Church and Society in Tension Since 1914 38.The Church in Changing World Culture 39.The Decline of Liberal, Neo-Orthodox, and Radical Theologies 40.The Rise of Ecumenical Organization 41.Evangelical Unity in Diversity 42.Decline and Expansion in Church Growth Conclusion: Problems, Patterns, and Prospects Notes Index
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