Simple Choices, Harmony Series #3
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One Simple Choice Changes Things Forever

Freelance graphic designer Gracie Temple is trying to concentrate on her upcoming marriage to Sam Goodrich, the man of her dreams—until events make her simple life in Harmony, Kansas, a mess of complications and fear.

Foremost there’s Hannah Mueller, daughter of the local Mennonite pastor and the girl Gracie sees as her protégée. Gracie promises Hannah’s parents that an art workshop in Wichita won’t adversely affect the shy Mennonite girl, but once there, Gracie wonders if she’s spoken too soon—especially when Hannah adopts the worldly clothing styles of the big city and threatens to remain in Wichita instead of returning to Harmony. Gracie manages to coax Hannah home, but soon after arriving, Hannah vanishes. While the county sheriff is convinced Hannah’s just another runaway, Gracie’s not so sure.

As Gracie races against time to discover the truth of Hannah’s disappearance, her wedding plans—and her family—suffer under the strain. What simple choices will be made that not only affect Gracie’s life but the lives of everyone she loves in Harmony?

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