A New History of Christianity in China
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

1. The Nestorian Age and the Mongol Mission, 635–1368 4

2. The Jesuit Mission of Early Modern Times and Its Fate 17

3. Protestant Beginnings, Catholics Redux, and China’s First Indigenous Christians, 1800–1860 41

4. Expansion and Institution-building in a Declining Dynasty, 1860–1902 66

5. The "Golden Age" of Missions and the "Sino-Foreign Protestant Establishment," 1902–1927 92

6. The Multiple Crises of Chinese Christianity, 1927–1950 121

7. Christianity and the New China, 1950–1966 158

8. The Chinese Church from the End of the Cultural Revolution to the Early Twenty-first Century 183

Appendix: The Russian Orthodox Church and Ecclesiastical Mission in China 209

Bibliography 217

Index 229

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