Table of Contents

1. On Being Ethical
2. Making Ethical Decisions and Taking Action
3. Enforcement of Ethical Conduct
4. Knowing Thyself: Understanding Competence and Credentials
5. Psychotherapy I: Ethical Obligations of Psychotherapists
6. Psychotherapy II: Techniques and Controversies
7. The Mental Health Business: Money and Managed Care
8. Privacy, Confidentiality and Record-Keeping
9. Psychological Assessment: Testing Tribulations
10. Multiple Role Relationships I: Boundaries, Risks, Risks, and Doing Business
11. Multiple Role Relationships II: Close Encounters
12. Multiple Role Relationships III: Attraction, Romance, and Sexual Intimacies
13. Relationships with Colleagues, Students, Supervisees and Employees
14. Marketing Professional Services
16. Ethical Dilemmas in Academic Settings
17. Mental Health Professionals in the Legal System: Tort and Retort
18. Challenging Work Settings: Juggling Porcupines
19. Scholarly Publication and Responsible Conduct of Research
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