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Table of Contents

      4    How to Use This Guide

      6    Exploring Our Beginnings

    14    Week 1
              Let There Be Light!

              Genesis 1:1–31
    26    Week 2
             The First Marriage

             Genesis 2:4–25
    38    Week 3
             Distrust, Disobedience, and Dismay

             Genesis 3:1–24
    50    Week 4
            East of Eden

            Genesis 4:1–5:5
    62    Week 5
             God Starts Ove
           Genesis 6:5–9:11
    74    Week 6
             The End of the Beginning

            Genesis 11:1–12:5

    86    A Book for TodaySugge
    92    Suggestions for Bible Discussion Groups
    95    Suggestions for Individuals
    96    Resources
    97    Six Weeks with the Bible on Your KINDLE

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