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Table of Contents

Foreword xi
Dave Ferguson

Preface xiii
Neil Cole

Acknowledgments xvii

Part One: Change Is Possible—with God 1

1 So What’s the Difference? 3

2 Basic Organic Principles That Work in All Contexts 13

3 No Longer Business as Usual 24

4 Churches in Transfusion 42

Part Two: Implementing Change from the Inside Out 65

5 Dying as if Your Life Depended on It 67

6 Detoxifying from Dependence 82

7 How Small People Cause Big Problems 101

8 Leadershifts 114

9 Disciples, Disciples, Disciples 129

10 Water the Green Spot 136

11 Healthy Reproduction 154

12 New Measures of Success 170

13 The Price of Transfusion 185

Conclusion: Equipping People for Ministry in the World 196

Notes 199

The Authors 205

Index 207

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