The Word Made Flesh: A History of Christian Thought
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Table of Contents
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Prelude: Flesh and Word.

1. The Christian Movement in the Second and Third Centuries.

2. Inclusions and Exclusions: The Fourth Century.

3. Fleshing Out the Word: Medieval Christianity East and West.

4. The Voice of the Pages: Incarnation and Hierarchy in the Medieval West.


5. Death and the Body in the Fourteenth-Century West.

6. The Suffering Body of Christ: The Fifteenth Century.

7. Re-forming the Body of Christ: The Sixteenth Century, Part I.

8. Reforming the Body of Christ: The Sixteenth Century, Part 2.

9. Rationalism and Religious Passion: The Seventeenth Century.

10. Keeping Body and Soul Together: Eighteenth-Century Christianity.

Postlude: The Word Made Flesh.



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