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Image is everything.

In this six-session video study, popular pastor and author Miles McPherson helps you discover how you were created, why you were created, what your true purpose is in life, and how to live according to God's original plan. You not only have the capacity to reflect God's heart to the world, God has designed and empowered you to do so. And when we live more and more as His image-bearers, we begin to experience transformed relationships with each other--and with God.

God in the Mirror session titles include:
1. Overview
2. Individually Unique
3. Moral Mirror
4. Authority to Rule
5. God's Friend
6. Eternal Being

Miles McPherson is the senior pastor of Rock Church in San Diego and has appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The O'Reilly Factor, and Fox & Friends. For more information, please visit


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