Understanding Christian Mission: Participation in Suffering and Glory
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Table of Contents

Part 1: Suffering and Glory in History: The Mission Movement
1. Ancient and Medieval Mission
2. Colonial Missions, Part 1: Globalization of Roman Catholicism
3. Colonial Missions, Part 2: Orthodoxy, the Americas, and Modernity
4. Western Missions: Christianization, Civilization, and Commerce (1842 to 1948)
5. The Waning and Reconception of Christian Mission: Postcolonial Missiologies (1948 to present)
Part 2: The Suffering and Glory of the Triune God: Trinitarian Mission in Scripture
6. The Creator God as the Sending Father: Missional Scripture, Missional God
7. Jesus, Sent as the Suffering and Sacrificing Son: The Centerpiece of Christian Mission
8. Holy Spirit in Mission: Presence, Participation, and Power
Part 3: The Suffering and Glory of the Church: The Church in Mission Today
9. Church: The Community of Worship and Witness
10. Witnessing Community: Evangelism and Christian Mission
11. Urban Community: Mission and the City
12. Global Community: Partnership in Mission
13. Spirituality and Mission: Suffering and Glory
Appendix: Twentieth-Century Ecumenical Councils
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