Table of Contents
Part One: Studying and Writing about the Reformation David M. Whitford\Part Two: Theological Topics\Chapter 1: Human Nature, the Fall, and the Will Robert Kolb\Chapter 2: Revelation and Scripture Ward Holder\Chapter 3: Justification Carl Trueman\Chapter 4: Law and Gospel Lubomir Batka & Anna Johnson\Chapter 5: Election Chad Can Dixhoorn\Chapter 6: Sanctification, Works, and Social Justice Carter Lindberg\Chapter 7: The Sacraments Bryan Spinks\Chapter 8: The Church Paul Avis\Chapter 9: Preaching and Worship Anne Thayer\Chapter 10: Women, Marriage, & Family Karen Spierling\Chapter 11: Catechisms & Confessions of Faith Karin Maag\Chapter 12: Church Discipline, Abuse, Corruption Raymond Mentzer\Chapter 13: Eschatology, the Antichrist, and Apocalypticism Robin Bruce Barnes\Chapter 14: Political Theology Volker Leppin\Chapter 15: Superstition, Magic, & Witchcraft Peter Maxwell-Stuart\Chapter 16: Radical Theology Geoffrey Dipple\Chapter 17: Images and Iconography Randall Zachman\Chapter 18: Martyrdom and Religious Violence Haruko Ward\Part Three: A Reformation ABC
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