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INTRODUCTIONStructure System of AnalysisThe Texts: Augustine, Aquinas and LutherThe ExtractsMethod of StudySection 1 METHODOLOGYIntroduction to MethodologyText I  Augustine 'God's Foreknowledge and Human Free-will' from The City of GodText II Aquinas 'Natural Law' from Summa TheologicaText III Luther from Treatise on Good WorksAnalysis of ExtractsExtract 1  Bonhoeffer 'Ethics and Christian Ethics' from Ethics
Extract 2  Fletcher from Situation EthicsExtract 3  Copleston 'Objections to Natural Law' from AquinasExtract 4  John Paul II 'The Crisis of Moral Truth' from Veritatis SplendorExtract 5  Fiorenza 'Ethics and Feminist Theology'Extract 6  Cupitt 'Post-Realist Ethics' from Solar EthicsExtract 7  Porter 'Virtue Ethics' from Moral Action and Christian EthicsCritique of Extracts Section 2 POLITICS, ECONOMICS AND JUSTICEIntroduction to Politics, Economics and JusticeText IV  Augustine 'The Earthly and Heavenly Cities' from The City of God Text V  Aquinas from On Princely GovernmentText VI  Luther from Trade and UsuryAnalysis of Extracts
Extract 8   Barth 'God's Judgment on Political Revolutions' from The Epistle to the RomansExtract 9  Berdyaev 'Politics and the Spirit' from Freedom and the Spirit Extract 10  Niebuhr 'The Conflict Between Individual and Social Morality' from Moral Man and Immoral SocietyExtract 11  Temple from Christianity and Social OrderExtract 12 John XXIII 'Towards a World Government' from Pacem in TerrisExtract 13  Miranda 'Justice and Almsgiving' from Marx and the BibleExtract 14  Hollenbach 'The Common Good and Globalisation' from The Common Good and Christian Ethics Critique of ExtractsSection 3 WAR AND PEACEIntroduction to War and PeaceText VII Augustine 'The Just War' from Reply to Faustus the ManichaeanText VIII Aquinas 'War, Christians and the Clergy' from Summa TheologicalText IX Luther from Whether Soldiers, too, Can be Saved Analysis of ExtractsExtract 15  Welty 'Wars of Aggression and Defence from A Handbook of Christian Social EthicsExtract 16 Ramsey from Who Speaks for the Church?Extract 17 US Catholic Bishops from The Challenge of PeaceExtract 18  Hauerwas 'Pacifism: Some Philosophical Considerations'Extract 19 Bonino 'Liberation Theology and Peace' from Revolutionary Theology Comes of AgeExtract 20  O'Donovan 'Discrimination and Double-Effect' from The Just War RevisitedCritique of Extracts
Section 4 THE ENVIRONMENTIntroduction to the EnvironmentText X Augustine from The Literal Meaning of Genesis Text XI Aquinas 'Creation and Divine Providence' from Summa Contra GentilesText XII Luther from Commentary on Genesis (1.26-31)Analysis of ExtractsExtract 21  White 'The Theological Roots of our Ecological Crisis'Extract 22  Gregorios 'Ecology and the World Council of Churches'Extract 23  Abraham 'Liberation and Eco-Justice'Extract 24  Clark 'Christian Responsibility for the Environment'Extract 25  McFague 'An Earthly Theological Agenda' Critique of Extracts Section 5 HUMAN LIFE AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSIntroduction to Human Life and Interpersonal Relationships
Text XIII Augustine 'Suicide' from The City of GodText XIV Aquinas 'Fornication and Marriage' from Summa Contra GentilesText XV Luther from On the Jews and Their LiesAnalysis of ExtractsExtract 26  Küng 'Euthanasia' from A Dignified Dying? Extract 27  Quaker Group from Towards a Quaker View of SexExtract 28  Ware 'Marriage and Divorce - an Orthodox Perspective'Extract 29  Paul VI 'Birth Control' from  Humanae VitaeExtract 30  Cahill 'Bioethics and AIDS'Extract 31  WCC 'Churches Against Racism'Extract 32  Ruether 'Western Christianity and Zionism' Critique of ExtractsBibliographyIndices
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