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Part 1: Theander Lutherus: The Man of God as Prophet, Teacher, and Hero
1. The Living Prophet: Luther as Experienced by His Contemporaries
2. The Prophet of God: Luther as the Authoritative Interpreter of God's Word
3. The German Prophet: Against the Baalites of Rome--Luther as Hero of the People and the Nation
4. The Teaching Prophet: In Conflict with the Sacramentarians--Luther as Instructor of Pure Teaching
5. The Hero of the Reformation: Seventeenth-Century Popular Presentations of Luther in Maturing Lutheranism
Part 2: Opera Omnia Reverendi Domini Martini Lutheri: The Reprinting of Luther's Works in the Half Century after His Death
6. The Complete Luther: The Initial Editions of Luther's Published Teaching
7. Bouquets and Blossoms from Luther's Thought: Topical Collections and Individual Reprints of Luther's Publications
8. The Loci Communes Lutheri: Luther Systematized for Teaching the Faith
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