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What in the world has happened to marriage?

Most of us find the frailty of this sacred institution baffling. Christians seem more prone to divorce than ever, and the children of divorce are suffering.

So with the heart of a teacher, David Gushee advises the church to rethink marriage and divorce. An excellent resource for starting a ministry in your local church, this passionate and concrete treatment of how churches can strengthen marriage and prevent divorce will provide clarity amidst confusion and help men and women keep faith with one another and with their children.

"The marriage education movement has long been in need of a brief, theologically grounded text on marriage which is broadly researched and at the same time gracefully written. David Gushee's book has accomplished all of these goals and more."-Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen, author of Gender and Grace

"A unique and much needed Christian moral view of marriage, divorce, and family life."-Diana Garland, director of the Baylor Center for Family and Community Ministries

"Getting Marriage Right may well become the benchmark by which other marriage and family texts are measured."-Joe E. Trull, editor of Christian Ethics Today

"Getting Marriage Right speaks with exceptional clarity and wisdom to our deepest personal, congregational, and societal needs."-Christine D. Pohl, Asbury Theological Seminary

David P. Gushee is Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy and senior fellow of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Christian Leadership at Union University.
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