Table of Contents
Contents Acknowledgments What This Book Is About 1.We’re Not in Kansas Anymore! PART ONE: Change 2. Last One Out, Turn Off the Lights! 3. Predictable Change I: The Generational Cycle 4. Predictable Change II: The Church 5. Chaotic Change PART TWO: Focal Points of Change 6. Changing Reality I: A Requiem for Modernity 7. Changing Reality II: A Reality for Every Occasion 8. Changing Structures I: The End of the Grand American Story 9. Changing Structures II: When the Grand Story Fails 10. Changing Players I: E Pluribus Pluribus 11. Changing Players II: The Passing Actors---Builders and Silents 12. Changing Players III: The Imminent Actors---Boomers, Survivors, Millennials 13. C hanging Faith I: The Insiders 14. Changing Faith II: The Outsiders PART THREE: The Church in a Defining Moment 15. Joseph Who? 16. The Decision 17. What Must Die? 18. The Road to Life 19. Prelude 20. Stop! Appendixes A. Generations B. Whatever Happened to the Family? C. Population Projections---Births, Deaths, and Immigration D. Religious Preference Profiles E. Characteristics of the Emerging New World
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