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Episode 8


Steve Gladen, the Small Group Pastor at Saddleback Church, & Brett Eastman, President of Lifetogether & Producer of the Small Group Show, provide an overview of this week's show.



Ron Wilbur discusses how to develop a Small Group Ministry Plan.


Brett and Steve share 6 simple lessons they’ve learned in training new and existing small group leaders..


Bill Search from South East Christian Church shares his small groups story.


Brett Eastman shares about how even a church of 50 can create their own curriculum.  Brett’s hosting a free seminar this week that will go deeper about curriculum production.


Efraim Meulenberg discusses Saddleback’s Online Small Groups.


Catalyst One Day is an opportunity to hear the nuts and bolts of leadership, up-close with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. The event features dynamic worship, idea-inducing Q&A, and candid conversation between Andy and Craig. This One Day will also feature a bonus session with Rick Warren exploring the cultures and values of Saddleback Church.

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Making Small Groups Work
Making Small Groups Work
Dr. Henry Cloud
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