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Episode 6

  This week Bill Donahue shares some advice for small group directors and pastors, Ron Wilbur gives us a glance behind the scenes of 12, Bill Search gives us a preview of his book Simple Small Groups, Tom Crick shares about the challenges of managing small groups at Saddleback, and Steve Gladen gives an overview of last week's 12 Conference.


Ron Wilbur gives us a glance at the behind the scenes of the 12 Conference last week as well as a sneak peak at the upcoming 12 Conference next spring.


Brett Eastman and Steve Gladen introduce the 12 Conference, a global online conference with participants in over 20 countries and all 50 states.


Bill Donahue, President of Leadersync, discusses focusing on your own self-growth in order to increase your small group leadership ability.


Tom Crick shares his experience in managing small groups with the congregation at Saddelback Church. 


Bill Search, Small Groups Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, talks about his book, Simple Small Groups, which helps to lay the foundations of a healthy small group.


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