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Episode 2


  This week's theme is Campaigns. Watch as Steve Gladen shares a training segment on hosting campaigns, and Alan Danielson shares about's campaign strategy. Preview a video devotional from a 40 Day Campaign by JP Jones. Listen to a number of pastors share about the benefits of campaigns and finally Brett Eastman shares about the breakthrough training resource "Creating Your Own 40-Day Campaign"


Steve Gladen presents 12 Principles of Hosting a 40 Day Campaign in Your Church.


Alan Danielson, the former Small Group Pastor at, shares how they did multiple campaigns a year.


Watch a video devotional from JP Jones' 40 Day Campaign curriculum "Transformed.".


6 pastors, including Kerry Shook, Senior Pastor of Fellowship of The Woodlands in The Woodlands, TX, share on the benefits of creating your own campaign for your church.


Brett Eastman, Producer of Small  Group TV & President of  Lifetogether, shares about creating  your own 40-Day campaign with  Lifetogether's totally updated small  group campaign handbook..


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Brett Eastman