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If you enjoy materials by Larry Burkett, you may also be interested in products by the authors and artists listed below. Click the "Products" link next to an author's name to run a search for products by that author available at Some authors also have an "Author Profile" link associated with them. Click this link to learn more about the author's works, background, and motivations.

A.W. Tozer, edited by James L. Snyder     Products
Craig & Amy Groeschel     Products
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John Piper     Products     Author Profile
Josh McDowell     Products     Author Profile
Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell     Products
Kristen Feola     Products
Larry Burkett, Ron Blue & Jeremy White, CPA     Products
Mary Hunt     Products     Author Profile
Priscilla Shirer     Products
R.C. Sproul     Products
Ron Blue & Jeremy White     Products
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