The Harvard Veritas Forum, 4 CDs   -     By: Ravi Zacharias
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The Harvard Veritas Forum, 4 CDs

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries / 1992 / Compact disc

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/preview/82/62/1225BD_1.mp3 1. Introductory Illustrations Ravi Zacharias 7:10 Album Only
/preview/82/63/1225BD_2.mp3 2. Three Levels/Philosophy Ravi Zacharias 7:38 Album Only
/preview/82/60/1225BD_3.mp3 3. Neitzsche's 'Mad Man' Ravi Zacharias 5:33 Album Only
/preview/82/61/1225BD_4.mp3 4. The Loss Of Morality Ravi Zacharias 6:16 Album Only
/preview/82/58/1225BD_5.mp3 5. Ungrounded Ethics Ravi Zacharias 6:18 Album Only
/preview/82/59/1225BD_6.mp3 6. The Loss Of Hope Ravi Zacharias 6:37 Album Only
/preview/82/56/1225BD_7.mp3 7. The Loss Of Meaning Ravi Zacharias 6:09 Album Only
/preview/82/57/1225BD_8.mp3 8. Divine Relationship Ravi Zacharias 6:55 Album Only
/preview/82/54/1225BD_9.mp3 9. Closing Comments Ravi Zacharias 4:02 Album Only
/preview/82/55/1225BD_10.mp3 10. Suficient Evidence? Ravi Zacharias 8:10 Album Only
/preview/82/52/1225BD_11.mp3 11. Meaning And Atheism? Ravi Zacharias 3:19 Album Only
/preview/82/53/1225BD_12.mp3 12. What Is Atheism? Ravi Zacharias 5:49 Album Only
/preview/82/50/1225BD_13.mp3 13. Truth And Benefit? Ravi Zacharias 1:33 Album Only
/preview/82/51/1225BD_14.mp3 14. Neitzche's Logic Ravi Zacharias 2:40 Album Only
/preview/82/48/1225BD_15.mp3 15. Violence And Religion? Ravi Zacharias 2:24 Album Only
/preview/82/49/1225BD_16.mp3 16. The Need For God? Ravi Zacharias 9:22 Album Only
/preview/82/46/1225BD_17.mp3 17. Closing Comments Ravi Zacharias 3:02 Album Only
/preview/82/47/1225BD_18.mp3 18. Introductory Remarks Ravi Zacharias 7:19 Album Only
/preview/82/44/1225BD_19.mp3 19. The Law/Non-Contradiction Ravi Zacharias 9:58 Album Only
/preview/82/45/1225BD_20.mp3 20. The Nature Of Man Ravi Zacharias 8:15 Album Only
/preview/82/42/1225BD_21.mp3 21. Con't: The Nature Of Man Ravi Zacharias 8:14 Album Only
/preview/82/43/1225BD_22.mp3 22. The Nature Of Reality Ravi Zacharias 8:07 Album Only
/preview/82/40/1225BD_23.mp3 23. The Nature Of History Ravi Zacharias 3:39 Album Only
/preview/82/41/1225BD_24.mp3 24. The Nature/Suffering Ravi Zacharias 4:42 Album Only
/preview/82/38/1225BD_25.mp3 25. Con't: The Nature/Suffering Ravi Zacharias 6:28 Album Only
/preview/82/39/1225BD_26.mp3 26. The Nature Of Destiny Ravi Zacharias 6:50 Album Only
/preview/82/36/1225BD_27.mp3 27. Intro: Ravi Zacharias Ravi Zacharias 2:12 Album Only
/preview/82/37/1225BD_28.mp3 28. Student Introductions Ravi Zacharias 8:08 Album Only
/preview/82/34/1225BD_29.mp3 29. Con't: Student Intro Ravi Zacharias 7:58 Album Only
/preview/82/35/1225BD_30.mp3 30. Zacharias' Conversion Ravi Zacharias 2:50 Album Only
/preview/82/32/1225BD_31.mp3 31. Christian Moral Disagreement Ravi Zacharias 5:46 Album Only
/preview/82/33/1225BD_32.mp3 32. Weariness And Pleasure? Ravi Zacharias 5:50 Album Only
/preview/82/30/1225BD_33.mp3 33. Christianity And Culture? Ravi Zacharias 6:32 Album Only
/preview/82/31/1225BD_34.mp3 34. Must Christ Be Central? Ravi Zacharias 4:46 Album Only
/preview/82/28/1225BD_35.mp3 35. The Accuracy Of Scripture? Ravi Zacharias 2:08 Album Only
/preview/82/29/1225BD_36.mp3 36. Reaching The Resistant? Ravi Zacharias 9:23 Album Only
/preview/82/26/1225BD_37.mp3 37. Closing Responses Ravi Zacharias 4:26 Album Only

Product Description

This CD series contains two lectures and a question and answer session presented to packed audiences at the Harvard Law School.

In the first message, Ravi examines the questions "Is Atheism Dead? Is God Alive?," after which he fields questions from the audience.

Message two moves to the topic of "Getting to Truth" by addressing the questions "Who is Jesus? (And Why Does it Matter?)."

The third message is a question and answer session where Ravi and a select number of Harvard scholars answer tough and thoughtful questions from the audience about the Christian faith. Some have heralded this forum as one of the most significant dialogues on truth on the Harvard campus in the past fifty years. (over 180 minutes)

Product Information

Format: Compact disc
Vendor: Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Publication Date: 1992
ISBN: 1612560962
ISBN-13: 9781612560960
Availability: In Stock

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