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  1. Serenity series volumes 7-10 pack
    Serenity series volumes 7-10 pack
    Realbuzz Studios
    Thomas Nelson / Trade Paperback
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  1. 1 Stars Out Of 5
    Not Recommended
    March 14, 2011
    I bought these books and was going to give them away to teens at our church for a prize give away. After reading the books I had purchased I was appalled at how inappropriate these were. Due to shipping costs, I ended up throwing them in the garbage and not sending them back to CBD. I normally never have a problem with anything I order or have ever written a "bad" review on anything. As a parent, I would never buy this for my children, give it away or recommend it to anyone.
  2. 3 Stars Out Of 5
    April 3, 2009
    jenn baldino
    I read Volume #9: Choosing Change. Here is what I observed that may be of some concern: There are direct references to the subject of virgins in several places. There is a direct reference to condoms as a necessity in preparation for a date. Later on in the story, there is a clearly identifiable picture of them in the wrapper being thrown into the trash. There is a reference to a male character struggling with pornography on the internet which includes a picture of his computer screen showing Adults Only, 18+ to enter on the screen. There is a reference to two teens considering sexual intercourse. The characters in this book appear to be in high school and are all well developed and some of the pictures are anatomically descriptive. In the portrayal of the story of Esther, it appears that Xerxes may have either hit or violated Esther. There is a mention by the character of Esther about awaiting Xerxes pleasure. The characters in the book do not turn to mature adults or other authority figures for counsel but instead to other teens.On a positive note:The characters are dealing honestly with their struggles The characters support each other in choosing right The characters do pray and ask God for help There are strong Christian teen role models in the story that encourage others to make Godly choices. Overall, I observed that this particular volume deals with a variety of mature sexual issues. I feel the subject matter in this book is beyond what students at the elementary or junior high level should be reading and discussing among each other. I have not read any of the other volumes in this series. The sexual issues may be specific to this one particular volume. I recommend that parents read the entire series for content before allowing their child to read them. If the rest of the volumes are reviewed for content and found to be suitable, I believe that grades 9+ are a more suitable audience for this series.
  3. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    October 9, 2008
    I really enjoyed these books.I knew I would because I liked the first six. They are clean, funny, and deal with some important issues. Mind you these books are meant for older teens. These books addresses the struggles young people have with porn, sex, and bad movies. When it comes to bad movies the characters show that they can do better than that. Also that we can beat the temptation of sex before marriage. These books also remind us that even Christians can fall and get back up. Most of all I really appreciate that these books have NO sex or bad language like normal manga.
  4. 1 Stars Out Of 5
    April 30, 2008
    not to be unkind but the quality of this manga has died not to mention the art. the first volume had its up and downs and bothered me on some issues but this new volume pushes the limits. I really didn't want to know that this kid lost his virginity at 10 because of his baby sister even if it may be a character fact, but there was no build up too it, serenity seemed to change from last volume to the next instantly before she was confused now she did a 180 without much explanation or development. and now we have these cruddy second story's in each book as fillers. Not to mention it really seems to mention less and less about god in each book.
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