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Wilderness Escape VBS

  1. Wilderness Escape VBS

Wilderness Escape

Wilderness Escape: Where God Guides and Provides, the Holy Land Adventure 2014 VBS from Group Publishing.
Daily Theme Points: God is with us, God gives us what we need, God gives us strength, God saves us, God guides us, so ...Trust God!
Bible Translation: New Living Translation (NLT)
Ages: Multi-generational age groups Preschool to Adults (Preschool age appropriate project ideas and tips are included for integrating them into every activity. You can also group children by age.)

At Group's Holy Land Adventure Vacation Bible School, everyone learns straight from a Bible character and discovers what is was like to live in Bible times! Everyone joins one of the 12 tribes of Israel in small groups of 5. Wilderness Escape is easy to plan with only 3 trained station leaders (Celebration Leader, Moses, Fun & Games) and 3 decorated areas (Celebration, Moses' Tent, Israelite Camp) needed to make this Vacation Bible School a success.

Missions: Operation Kid-to-Kid

    Consider how your life would be without water faucets, drinking fountains, water hoses, or wells and you must walk up to 3 hours just to get water for survival. Every year 5,000 children die from unsafe water but just $2.50 provides safe drinking water to one child for a whole year. Kids see what a difference they are making in the lives of other children with their missions donations in Operation Kid-to-Kid helping children in India.

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