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2014 VBS: SHINE!

Go Fish continue their mission in creating a gospel-centered, Bible-based VBS with top quality music and videos. SHINE! teaches kids about the crowns God has for them in heaven when they shine for Jesus here on earth. This Dove Award winning team brings 5 original songs plus a fresh arrangement of the hymn "I'll Fly Away", for a total of 6 new songs.

Daily Bible content (Bible Story: Scripture)
Day 1: Crown of Victory (Given to those who work hard for God, not themselves.) 1 Cor. 9:25
Day 2: Crown of Life (Given to those who trust God during difficult times of trial.) James 1:12
Day 3: Crown of Rejoicing (Given to those who tell others about Jesus.) 1 Thes. 2:19
Day 4: Crown of Glory (Given to those who are humble servant leaders.) 1 Peter 5:4
Day 5: Crown of Righteousness (Given to those who are actively preparing for Jesus' return.) 2 Timothy 4:8

Theme Verse: Those who look to HIM are radiant. Psalm 34:5 (NIV)

SHINE! Starter Kit

2013: Gotta Move!

Gotta Move!...Keepin' In Step With The Spirit reminds children that God provides everything we need to walk with Him: A Savior, Forgiveness, a Helper & His Word.

Day 1: His Grace, Our Obedience (Genesis 6-7)
Day 2: His Word, Our Commitment (Joshua 1 & 3)
Day 3: His Son, Our Response (John 1)
Day 4: His Forgiveness, Our Repentance (Luke 15:11-32)
Day 5: His Spirit, Our Trust (John 14)

2012: Praise!

Praise VBS is a great curriculum for urban kid's ministry and for any group who loves hip - hop and breakdancing. The animated character DJ Pray-Z, the Go Fish Guys and Denver and the Mile High Band combine in Praise to teach kids to praise God. This is a curriculum where kids will actively be using their Bibles, using any translation your church prefers.

Praise God for His Greatness. (Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego) Praise God for His Authority. (Daniel & the lions' den) Praise God for His Providence. (Paul & Silas in jail) Praise God for His Power. (Jesus' power to save) Praise God for His Love. (God's love expressed to us through Jesus)

  1. Shower of Savings