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  1. Life Is Beautiful
    Life Is Beautiful
    The Afters
    5 Stars Out Of 5 4 Reviews
    Save 25% $11.99 $8.99

The Dove Award-winning Dallas-based quartet charts new sonic territory in this latest release featuring an upbeat blend of pop-tinged songs and lyrically rich anthems. Includes "Every Good Thing"; "Broken Hallelujah"; "What We're Here For"; "With You Always"; "In My Eyes"; "Love Is in the Air"; "Breathe In, Breathe Out"; the title track; and more.

  1. Glory
    Save 14% $13.99 $11.99

An audio feast of uplifting and upbeat songs, Kutless's powerful worship album will revitalize your spirit and draw you closer to Christ! Includes "Revelation," "In Jesus' Name," "You Alone," "Never Too Late," "All to You," "We Lift You Up," "We Will Worship," "Rest," "Restore Me," "God Rest My Soul," "Always," and "In the City."

  1. Miracle
    Third Day
    4.5 Stars Out Of 5 10 Reviews
    Save 58% $11.99 $5.00

On their heavily anticipated new studio album, Third Day joins forces with veteran producer Brendan O'Brien to help them forge a new sound. The result is a dynamic new offering of mold-breaking styles, while still draped in the group's signature sounds. Miracle includes the hit single "I Need A Miracle" plus "Hit Me Like A Bomb," "The Victory," and more.

  1. The Struggle
    The Struggle
    Tenth Avenue North
    5 Stars Out Of 5 6 Reviews
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

Challenges are a part of life---but God provides a way out! In their bold new album, the band offers original songs---some of which feature choruses sung by fans---that celebrate forgiveness, redemption, and grace. Includes "Shadows," "Worn," "Don't Stop the Madness," "Where Life Will Never Die," "Hostage of Peace," "You Do All Things Well," and "Lamb of God."

With new frontman Michael Tait at the helm, the legendary Newsboys lit up airways and stages around the world with their infectious, hook-laden brand of Christian rock. This expanded edition of the best-selling Born Again album features eleven songs from the original plus over 25 minutes of additional material, including the hit single "We Remember," as well as remixes and brand new songs previously unavailable on CD.

  1. Fading West CD
    Fading West CD
    Save 29% $13.99 $9.99

Releasing in tandem with the film of the same name, Fading West spotlights Jon Foreman's powerful songwriting alongside the band's ageless energy, unwavering faith, and polished musical chops. This eleven song set from the San Diego natives features the hit single "Love Alone Is Worth The Fight," plus "Say It Like You Mean It," "Back To The Beginning Again," and more.

  1. Made
    Hawk Nelson
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
    Save 25% $11.99 $8.99

On their sixth full length release, Hawk Nelson reflects their growth and maturity as a band with a twelve-track collection of radio-ready punk-pop and contemporary rock originals. With longtime guitarist Jon Steingard now fronting the group, the Ontario natives offer fun, energetic hits like "Words" (ft. Bart Millard), plus "What I'm Looking For," "Love Like That," "Outside the Lines," and more.

  1. Eye On It
    Eye On It
    5 Stars Out Of 5 12 Reviews
    Save 29% $13.99 $9.99

TobyMac returns! Successfully combining elements of rock, pop, and hip-hop, he focuses his music on real-life struggles, his faith, and the glory of God in this crazy world. Includes "Me Without You," "Steal My Show," "Forgiveness," "Speak Life," "Unstoppable," "Lose Myself," "Family," "Thankful for You," "Made for Me," "Mac Daddy," "Favorite Song," and the title track.

  1. Love Is the Evidence
    Love Is the Evidence
    Citizen Way
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

Illinois-based quartet Citizen Way makes it's major label debut with Love Is the Evidence, a ten-song set of stadium-sized hooks and sunny, sing-along choruses. Includes the radio hit "Should've Been Me" plus "Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us)," "Evidence," and more.

  1. Rivers in the Wasteland
    Rivers in the Wasteland
    Save 14% $13.99 $11.99

NEEDTOBREATHE is an American Rock 'n' Roll Band from South Carolina, effortlessly woven from the musical traditions and faith of their upbringing in the Deep South of the United States.

Rivers In The Wasteland is the follow up to their acclaimed album The Reckoning, which saw the band spend over two years on the road in support of a collection of anthemic rock that caught the attention of The New York Times, NPR, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today.

"We've come through some rough moments and some amazing moments," says guitarist & vocalist Bo Rinehart. "We're the most energized we've ever been. The band is young again. We've got a new sense of purpose and we believe in what we're doing. We just fell back in love with the idea of what we get to do."

  1. Rise
    Save 14% $13.99 $11.99

On the heels of their award-winning, platinum selling smash-hit Awake, Skillet returns with an action-packed set of fist-pumping rock and power ballads. Rise follows the thread of a typical American teenager coming to adulthood, facing the problems of the world armed with God's Grace. Includes the radio hits "Sick Of It," "American Noise," and the title cut.

  1. Just Say Jesus
    Just Say Jesus
    7eventh Time Down
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

Kentuckian quartet 7eventh Time Down return with their sophomore effort for BEC Recordings, Just Say Jesus. This ten-song set showcases the group's varied rock and pop influences on songs like "The One I'm Running To," "Hurricanes," and the hit single "Wait For You."

TobyMac returns! Successfully combining elements of rock, pop, and hip-hop, he focuses his music on real-life struggles, his faith, and the glory of God in this crazy world. Includes "Me Without You," "Steal My Show," "Forgiveness," "Speak Life," "Unstoppable," "Lose Myself," "Family," "Thankful for You," "Made for Me," "Mac Daddy," "Favorite Song," and the title track. This Deluxe Edition also contains remixed tracks: "Me Without You (Capital Kings Remix)," "Steal My Show (Jack Shocklee Remix)," "Lose Myself (Capital Kings Remix)," "Family (Jamie Moore Remix)," "LoudNClear Tru (Telemitry Remix)," and "Me Without You (Telemitry Remix)."

Tennessee-born metal mainstays Disciple return with their ninth full length album, an eleven song set of shout-along anthems and fist-pumping grooves with messages of faith, perseverance, and hope in the midst of struggle. O God Save Us All includes the firey lead single "Draw The Line" plus "Unstoppable," "Beautiful Scars," the title track, and more.

  1. Come to the River CD
    Come to the River CD
    Rhett Walker Band
    5 Stars Out Of 5 5 Reviews
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

The debut release from prodigal son Rhett Walker shows a rock-solid faith shaped by God's grace in the midst of hardships, captured via ten soulful southern rock originals. Come To the River includes the worshipful lead single "When Mercy Found Me" plus "Make Me New," "Get Up, Get Out," "Singing Stone," and more.

  1. Inland
    Jars of Clay
    Save 43% $13.99 $7.99

Do you struggle with reconciling the way the world is with the way it ought to be? Jars of Clay offers songs for those days when doubt is the necessary partner of faith. Includes "After the Fight," "Age of Immature Mistakes," "Reckless Forgiver," "Human Race," "Love in Hard Times," "Skin & Bones," "Left Undone," the title track, and more.

  1. Tonight CD
    Tonight CD
    5 Stars Out Of 5 49 Reviews
    Save 25% $13.99 $10.49

At last---the highly anticipated follow-up to the Dove- and Grammy Award-nominated Portable Sounds, featuring tobyMac's one-of-a-kind mix of rock, pop, urban, and hip-hop! Songs include the title track, "Get Back Up," "Funky Jesus Music," "ShowStopper," "Changed Forever," "Hold On," "Hey Devil," "Start Somewhere," and "Break Open the Sky"---plus the radio hit "City on Our Knees."
Note: Track 14- "City On Our Knees" (Radio Version) on mp3 album only.

  1. What I've Become
    What I've Become
    Ashes Remain
    5 Stars Out Of 5 5 Reviews
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

Ashes Remain burst onto the Christian hard rock scene with their 2011 debut. What I've Become features a healthy dose of fist-pumping riffs with overtly Christian lyrics, including "Everything Good," "Keep Me Breathing," "Unbroken," and more.

Beat-savvy artist tobyMac brings an entirely new pop/rock/rap remixed sound to the biggest songs from his Dove- and Grammy-nominated Tonight and Portable Sounds solo albums! Includes the smash single "Made to Love," the radio hit "City on Our Knees," "No Ordinary Love," "Showstopper," "Hold On," "Get Back Up," "Boomin'," "Lose My Soul," "Captured," "Ignition," and "Start Somewhere."

The second full length from Red is a passionate set of hard rock ballads and stomping riffs, set alight by orchestral strings, soaring vocals and sing-along choruses. Innocence & Instinct includes the smash hit single "Fight Inside" plus "Death of Me," "Shadows," "Take It All Away," and more.

This three CD set from Red gathers their first three bestselling albums in one wallet-friendly package! Who We Are: The Red Anthology includes the breakout 2006 debut End of Silence, the stellar follow-up Innocence & Instinct, and the 2011 favorite Until We Have Faces.

This three CD set from Christian hard rockers Skillet includes their two previous bestselling albums, Awake and Comatose, plus The Early Years collection, featuring top tracks from their 1996 self-titled release through 2004 favorite Collide. Thirty-three songs total, including favorites like "Monster," "Whispers In the Dark," "Hey You, I Love Your Soul," and more.

  1. One Noise
    One Noise
    Satellites & Sirens
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

Blending synth, rock, and pop influences, this band's 12-song album is a testament to their passion for innovation, worship, and love for God. Includes "Crash Down"; "Jump-Start My Heart"; "Teach Me How to Love"; "Magnetic"; "Keep Running"; "We Are Yours"; "God Is Able"; "Breakthrough"; "You Traded Heaven"; "United Kingdom"; "Holy Are You, God"; and the title track.

  1. Release the Panic
    Release the Panic
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

Pennsylvania rockers Red return with their fourth full length album, a fist-pumping set of charging hard rock, atmospherics, and power ballads. Release the Panic includes the radio hit "Perfect Life" plus "Hold Me Now," "So Far Away," and more.

Since their major label debut Set It Off turned heads in 2000, Trevor McNevan and Thousand Foot Krutch have continually raised the bar for their hard rock styles and reflective, faith-based lyrics. Deja Vu repackages the group's three releases since that groundbreaking debut: Phenomenon, The Art of Breaking, and The Flame In All of Us, all for one great low price.

The groundbreaking GO Tour, which set record attendances, is evidence that newsboys continue to innovate with live shows, offering fans an amazing entertainment experience. This live CD/DVD set, recorded and filmed in front of a packed house, showcases hits from GO ("I Am Free," "Wherever We Go," "Something Beautiful," "In Wonder") as well as classic newsboys tunes including "Shine," "He Reigns" and "It Is You." With newboys live: Houston We Are Go, newsboys bring the energy from the arena into your stereo and TV.

Beautiful History is an excellent snapshot of the creative energy and powerful voice of singer Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, aka Plumb. This twelve song set cover the albums from 1999's breakout candycoatedwaterdrops through the 2006 favorite Chaotic Resolve, and includes "Stranded," "God-Shaped Hole," "Hang On," and more.

  1. A Messenger
    A Messenger
    Colton Dixon
    5 Stars Out Of 5 5 Reviews
    Save 25% $13.99 $10.49

Eleventh season American Idol contestant Colton Dixon offers his full length debut for Sparrow Records. This twelve song set spotlights Colton's passionate vocals and plainspoken faith over a crisp modern rock and alt-pop soundscape. Features the hit singles "You Are" and "Never Gone" plus "Rise," "Where My Heart Goes," "This Is Who I Am," and others.

  1. Kings & Queens
    Kings & Queens
    Audio Adrenaline
    5 Stars Out Of 5 4 Reviews
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

After five years away, your favorite rock band is back! Joined by a few new faces, this talented group has a common passion to be the voice for orphans and to celebrate God's transforming power. Includes "The Answer," "This Is God," "Change My Name," "City on a Hill," "Believer," "Twenty Seventeen," "Fire Never Sleeps Free," the title track, and more.

  1. We As Human
    We As Human
    We As Human
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

Recorded in Los Angeles under the direction of esteemed producer Howard Benson (Skillet, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance), the ten-track WE AS HUMAN marks the first full-length album offering from the Nashville band. In addition to ten new tracks, WE AS HUMAN features special appearances from John Cooper of Skillet and Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf.
"I get band demos given to me all the time, but honestly, I don't always get to listen to them. However, when I received a We As Human demo at a concert one day, I did listen, and I was immediately taken aback by how awesome it was! The songs were great - incredible lyrics, great sound.....I honestly hadn't heard an independent heavy rock band this good in years! I called my manager to tell him that he should look into them and he told me that he had been introduced to them recently as well, and that if I was in to them that we should work together on them. I saw so much potential in this band that we decided to start a label! Launching Hear it Loud with We As Human feels so right to me. I'm really excited to see what happens for these guys, and proud of the crazy hard work they've put in to making this record, moving their families to Nashville, and their dedication to the calling on their lives." - John Cooper of Skillet

  1. The End Is Where We Begin
    The End Is Where We Begin
    Thousand Foot Krutch
    5 Stars Out Of 5 3 Reviews
    Save 23% $12.99 $9.99

Thousand Foot Krutch follow the critically-acclaimed Welcome To The Masquerade album with their first independent release. The End Is Where We Begin takes the group's trademark sound to new levels with a fifteen track set of fist-pumping rapcore and hook-heavy hard rock. Includes "Light Up the Sky," "Be Somebody," "All I Need to Know," and more.

  1. The Worship Collection
    The Worship Collection
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

* The best-of-the-best from the band that's taken the world by storm! Features the #1 singles "What Faith Can Do" and "Strong Tower"---plus "Draw Me Close," "All Who Are Thirsty," "Give Us Clean Hands," "It Is Well," "We Fall Down," "Sea of Faces," "Beautiful the Blood," "Better Is One Day," "Amazed," "God of Wonders," "Take Me In," and "Everything I Need."

With five gold albums, more than twenty #1 radio hits, a mantel of Dove Awards, Grammy nominations, and more than six million records sold, Newsboys' pop/rock sound, groundbreaking tours, and live performances continue to satisfy diehard fans---and win new ones! Includes "No Grave," "Glorious," "The Way We Roll," "My Friend Jesus," the title track, and more.

  1. Vice Verses
    Vice Verses
    4.5 Stars Out Of 5 3 Reviews
    Save 14% $13.99 $11.99

Sunlight and shadow, laughter and pain, hope and fear, doubt and faith. Join Switchfoot as they explore the polarity of human experience in music and song---and celebrate God's unfailing love. All-new songs include "Afterlife," "The Original," "The War Inside," "Dark Horses," "Rise Above It," "Selling the News," "Where I Belong," "Blinding Light," and more.

  1. Reset & Rewind CD
    Reset & Rewind CD
    Manic Drive
    4 Stars Out Of 5 4 Reviews
    Save 25% $13.99 $10.49

Hard working modern rock quartet Manic Drive return with their anticipated sophomore effort, Reset & Rewind. Thematically bold and musically diverse, this thirteen song release features guest appearances from Kevin Max and holy hip hopper M.O.C.

  1. The Reckoning
    The Reckoning
    4.5 Stars Out Of 5 3 Reviews
    Save 21% $13.99 $10.99

The 2011 Dove Award-winning group captures the on-stage energy of their exhilarating live performances in this highly anticipated release! Includes the arena-ready "Drive All Night," a swaggering "White Fences," the hit radio single "Slumber," "Wanted Man," "Keep Your Eyes Open," "Angel at My Door," "Learn to Love," "Devil's Been Talkin'," the epic title track, and more.

  1. Believer
    4 Stars Out Of 5 4 Reviews
    Save 25% $13.99 $10.49

With the enormous success of their spiritually rich It Is Well album, Kutless follows suit with another energized set of cutting edge rock and worship anthems. The Portland, Oregon natives' seventh studio album includes the powerful lead single "Carry Me To The Cross" plus "This Is Love," "Carry On," "Even If," and more.

This quartet's major label debut blends poetic lyrics, programmed rhythms, keyboards, and traditional instruments like acoustic guitar, violin, cello, mandolin, and recorder to achieve a critically acclaimed alternative folk/rock sound. Includes the hit "Flood," plus "Liquid," "Boy on a String," and seven others. From Essential.

Third Day's Wherever You Are is a masterful blend of bluesy rock and worshipful ballads, all in their signature style. The group's sixth studio release includes the hit "Cry Out to Jesus", "Keep On Shinin'", "I Can Feel It", and more.

  1. Daughtry CD
    Daughtry CD
    5 Stars Out Of 5 2 Reviews
    Save 17% $11.99 $9.99

The self-titled debut from American Idol alum Chris Daughtry showcases his edgy croon on a strong set of alt-rock originals. Includes the radio single "Home" plus "It's Not Over," "What I Want" (featuring Slash), and more.

The fifth release from hard working indie rockers Manic Drive highlights their aggressive rhythms and riff driven hard rock on 12 original tracks, including "Memories," "Tragedy," "Something More," and others.

Southern rockers Third Day toned down their sound a bit for last year's live worship recording, Offerings. The project was truly a labor of love, fulfilling a longtime wish from fans and winning Third Day a flock of new listeners (and an armload of accolades, including five Dove Awards and a Grammy nod) in the process. But, now, while worship will always be a part of any Third Day live show, these boys from Atlanta, Georgia are ready to rock again on their new release, Come Together.

For this release, band mates Mac Powell, Brad Avery, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson and David Carr each contributed songs, offering a greater insight into the personalities behind the music. Though the words may be deeply personal, the theme is universal, centering around bringing the body of Christ together.

With Come Together, the Gospel Music Association's reigning artist and group of the year manages to get back to their rock roots while maintaining their spiritual focus. And with songs like Forty Days, Show Me Your Glory and When the Rain Comes Third Day delivers a recording that both rock and worship fans can enjoy. Other songs include:

Come Together, Get On, My Heart, It's Alright, Still Listening, I Got You, I Don't Know, Sing Praises and Nothing Compares.

Missed the festival? You can still hear the roar as the Newsboys take the stage! Led by former dcTalk member Michael Tait, the Grammy-nominated band delivers an energy-fused live set including "Escape," "Something Beautiful," "King Is Coming," "Your Love Never Fails," "Here We Stand," "He Reigns," "Born Again," "Save Your Life," "Miracles," "Jesus Freak," "Revelation Song," and the title track.

  1. On Fire CD
    On Fire CD
    Peter Furler
    5 Stars Out Of 5 15 Reviews
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

Recognized worldwide as the frontman of Aussie worship rockers The Newsboys, Peter Furler has captivated generations of believers with his powerful voice, passionate delivery, and faith-on-your-sleeve approach to life. With the highly capable Michael Tait now fronting the 'Boys, Furler strikes out on his own packing a high-octane collection of modern worship and AC rock gems.On Fire showcases the well-traveled showman at the top of his game, from hair-raising worship anthems to penetrating ballads, including the chart-climbing single "Reach" plus "Glory To the King," "Faster and Louder," "I'm Alive," and others.

  1. World We View
    World We View
    Nine Lashes
    5 Stars Out Of 5 3 Reviews
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

The debut release from Alabama-bred quintet Nine Lashes is an electrifying fusion of hard, modern, and indie rock styles with dashes of electronics and full-blast vocals. World We View includes the hit single "Anthem of the Lonely," plus "Adrenaline," "Our Darkest Day" (featuring Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter), "The Void," and more.

  1. Third Day CD
    Third Day CD
    Third Day
    5 Stars Out Of 5 12 Reviews
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

Sure, lead singer Mac Powell sounds remarkably like Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish, but Third Day has an edgy Southern folk rock sound that's all their own. This 12-song collection includes "Forever" and the emotional powerhouse "Thief."

  1. Greatest Hits CD
    Greatest Hits CD
    Jars of Clay
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
    Save 10% $9.99 $8.99

Tracing a career path that features both millions of records sold and millions of lives touched, Jars of Clay's new Greatest Hits compilation showcases songs that have become favorites of fans around the world, as well as the brand-new track "Love Is The Protest."

Jars of Clay Greatest Hits features digitally remastered tracks and kicks off with the massive international hit "Flood," which propelled the band into the forefront of public awareness. The project goes on to chronologically chart the band's willingness to tackle issues both musically and lyrically, simultaneously showing vulnerability (on songs like "Frail," "I Need You," "Like A Child") and strength ("Crazy Times," "Show You Love," "Work").

With the brand new track "Love Is The Protest," Jars of Clay points toward a vital and vibrant future for the band, flexing that creative muscle that 15 years of making music together provides. "We wanted to write a rock 'n' roll song that brought light to what it means to err on the side of love rather than judgment," Haseltine says.

Switchfoot's "Beautiful Letdown" comes three years after their third independently-released album earning them critical acclaim and a hit single on rock and alternative radio with, "Meant to Live." The Beautiful Letdown has quickly proven to be the bands strongest and fastest selling album to date. 11 songs in all from Red Ink Records.

The Newsboys' Ultimate Collection showcases the explosive energy and passionate faith of the long-running worship rockers from down under. Includes "Shine," "You Are My King," "He Reigns," and many more.

Grab the first three albums from Portland, Oregon rockers Kutless! This cardboard gatefold set includes the group's 2002 self-titled debut, the 2004 release Sea of Faces, and Hearts of the Innocent from 2006. Three CDs, thirty-five songs total.