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MCP Mathematics
2005 Edition

About the Series

Targeted towards students who struggle with their core math program, Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Mathematics uses a traditional drill-and-practice format with a predictable, easy-to-use lessons that are flexible enough to fit your needs. Reinforcing basic math skills, extensive practice will help students learn and retain new concepts while preparing a wide range of ability levels for success on standardized tests.

The student textbooks feature two-page lessons that focus on one main objective; the first page begins with a developmental model and the second provides practice.

The teacher's guide includes reduced student pages which have the correct answers overlaid; the margins feature the lesson and teacher instructions in a two-page layout with objectives, "materials needed" lists, warm-up exercises, lesson with problems to write on the board, practice exercises, assessments, alternative chapter tests, and enrichment activities for multiple levels of ability.

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