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iLearn has delivered online math instruction to schools and individuals for over 12 years. During that time, our focus has continued to be a firm commitment to delivering the most effective math instruction available. We have had documented success in producing dramatic improvements in students achievement for millions of students in schools nationwide and for students using the program at home. For the first time, iLearn’s flagship program, iPASS, is now available for homeschool use through Christian Book Distributors.

Effective instruction

The most important feature of all iLearn programs is the quality of the results they deliver. A summary of the average results with hundreds of thousands of students and millions of lessons is shown in the graph to the right. “Challenge Quizzes” are administered before each lesson to determine whether instruction on that lesson is needed. For all students, the average score on all lessons for which instruction was needed, the average percent correct BEFORE instruction is 26% correct. Immediately AFTER instruction, the average percent correct jumps dramatically – to an average of 78% correct. During the following practice session, the average percent correct continues to climb, to an average of 91%...across ALL students and ALL lessons. This level of performance is maintained on both Chapter Mastery Tests and Unit Mastery Tests, for which the scores average 91% as well.

Efficient Instruction

Another benefit of iPASS instruction is that students learn more efficiently. That is, they learn more in less time. Because the delivery of instruction is uniquely customized for each student on a real-time basis, the course of instruction over time varies widely from student to student. Some students have more gaps below grade level than others. The average time to complete any given Lesson, Chapter and Unit of instruction also varies across student. For those reasons, it’s impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to complete any segment of instruction for a given student. We recommend using the program for a minimum of 2 ½ hours per week. When this recommendation is followed, the average rate of progress is greater than that for a typical delivery format based on a schedule of activities, whether at home or in a school. In a year of homeschooling (about 9 months) most students will begin by filling in some number of gaps below grade level, then complete all the contents of their current grade level. A high percentage will then go on to complete additional work above grade level.

Easy to Learn

The main reason iPASS is both effective and efficient is that it is makes learning easier for all students. The instruction is carefully designed to make it easier for students to understand the content taught. The use of multimedia presentations for all content delivery provides clear, mathematically logical explanations of both mathematical concepts and procedures. Students find it much easier to “follow the logic” of the math presented and never have to resort to memorizing arbitrary rules just to “make it through” the instruction. The increased understanding has a substantial positive impact on the students’ self-confidence in doing math, as well as the student’s morale. Students enjoy the learning process because they are much more successful, which leads to increased motivation to continue learning math to higher levels.

Easy to Teach

Another major benefit of iPASS is that it makes it much easier for you to provide instruction in math – especially if you’re not comfortable teaching the math content yourself. This is because iPASS is not just a curriculum, but a dynamically-controlled process for delivering all aspects of instruction. Everything about the content delivery is controlled by student performance as it occurs in real time.

  • Scores on Placement Test, Unit and Chapter Challenge Tests, and Lesson Challenge Quizzes are used to determine which content the student skips over (“exempts”) and which content they must learn.
  • All scheduling and delivery of instructional elements is handled by iPASS.
  • Performance within Lessons, Practice and Review is used as a basis for making adaptive adjustments, including what is presented, and how long the student studies a particular topic.
  • All elements must be completed to a mastery criterion before the student moves to the next activity.
  • All tests are administered and graded entirely by the computer and grades are recorded for access at any time in the reports provided. We encourage you to monitor your student’s progress daily, but you’re relieved of the burden of administrative activities to plan or deliver the instruction. In short, the management of the process is a breeze.

    iPASS is independent learning at its best!