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Monarch Grade 7

  1. Monarch Grade 7 5-subject Set
    Monarch Grade 7 5-subject Set
    Save 20% $449.95 $359.96

Access your classroom anytime, anywhere! Alpha Omega's online Monarch curriculum provides students and parents with a multi-media rich learning opportunity that's efficient and easy to use. Students simply log-in to access lessons that include movie clips, timelines, interactive games, quizzes, and more. Teachers will find helpful features such as a calendar-based lesson plan, message center, printable records, report cards, grade report, and daily work report. The only requirement is a high-speed internet connection; once purchased, a code will be sent that allows an 18-month access period for all schoolwork to be completed, with records available for seven years thereafter.

Seventh-grade students will study Christian Basics II and Life of Christ, Social Science Survey, Composition and Literature, Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry, and Earth Science.

  • Text-to-Speech capability
  • Vocabulary and Review Games
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Printable Records
  • Report Card, Grade Report, and Daily Work Reportavailable.
  • Program improvements, curriculum updates, and fixes are made regularly and automatically as part of the subscription cost.

System Requirements:


  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Windows 2000 SP4 (Firefox Only), Windows XP SP2/3, Windows Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1
  • Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 16+, Chrome


  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Mac OS X 10.5+
  • Safari 6.0+, Firefox 16+

  1. Monarch Grade 7 Bible
    Monarch Grade 7 Bible
    Save 20% $99.95 $79.96

Monarch Bible Grade 7 covers Christian Basics II & Life of Christ, including God's attributes, worship, and an overview of Christ's life on earth.

  1. Monarch Grade 7 History & Geography
    Monarch Grade 7 History & Geography
    Save 20% $99.95 $79.96

Monarch Grade 7 History & Geography focuses on social science surveys, including anthropology, sociology, economics, political science, and U.S. geography.

Monarch 2012 Language Arts Grade 7 teaches composition and literature, including nonfiction, communication, and pronunciation, biographies, formal and informal English, parts of speech, and mechanics and structure of the English language.

  1. Monarch Grade 7 Math
    Monarch Grade 7 Math
    Save 20% $99.95 $79.96

Monarch Grade 7 Math covers Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry, including shapes, formulas, statistics, graphs, and will review basic operations like fractions, decimals, rounding, multiplying and dividing.

  1. Monarch Grade 7 Science
    Monarch Grade 7 Science
    Save 20% $99.95 $79.96

Monarch Grade 7 Grade 7 Science covers General Science, including the atmosphere, weather, and climate, earth science and human anatomy.