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Shelley Shepard Gray
NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

Shelley Shepard Gray Complete Selection

NYT and USA Today bestselling, award-winning author, Shelley Shepard Gray has sold over 40 novels. She wanted to write stories about regular, likeable people in extraordinary situations-and who just happened to be Amish. In addition to her writing as Shelley Shepard Gray, she has written a dozen novels for Harlequin Romance under the pseudonym Shelley Galloway.

Before writing romances, Shelley lived in Texas and Colorado, where she taught school and earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. Shelley often attends conferences and reader retreats in order to give workshops. Shelley belongs to RWA and ACFW. She’s been married for over twenty years and resides in Ohio.

Favorite Verse: Romans 12:12: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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  1. Thankful, Return to Sugarcreek Series #2
    Thankful, Return to Sugarcreek Series #2
    Shelley Shepard Gray
    Save 43% $13.99 $7.99

From the time Christina Kempf was very young; her best friend and soul mate, Aden Reese was by her side. But when Aden's parents tragically died in an accident ten years ago, their life drastically changed. Christina's parents reached out to Aden and took him under their roof to live as family and everyone treated Christina and Aden as brother and sister. As years went by, deep down Christina yearned for a stronger connection. Aden, too, quietly submerged his desire for a relationship with Christina far beyond being a "sister."

Series by Shelley Shepard Gray

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  1. Joyful, Return to Sugarcreek Series #3
    Joyful, Return to Sugarcreek Series #3
    Shelley Shepard Gray
    Save 23% $12.99 $9.99

Randall Beiler is doing his best to put his family and the farm’s needs first, even forsaking love. But though he tries, Randall knows he needs help caring for his younger siblings and keeping the house together.

When his brother offers pretty Elizabeth Nolt a job taking care of the house and cooking for the family, Randall is furious—and guilty about the way he once broke Elizabeth’s heart. But when he learns that Elizabeth and her grandmother are struggling to make ends meet, he knows the offer, no matter how painful, is the right thing for everyone.

Elizabeth wants to refuse—to stay far away from the man who hurt her—but she needs the money. Though she vows to protect her heart, spending time in the Beiler household makes Elizabeth realize that, while she’s older and wiser, her love for Randall still burns strong.

Miriam Zehr has worked at the Sugarcreek Inn longer than she cares to admit. The restaurant is a favorite of town residents as well as the many tourists who come to taste the famous Amish fare. Though she always tries to have a smile for every customer, deep down Miriam knows something's missing: a family of her own.

Miriam has never felt particularly beautiful, especially because she's always been a bit heavier than other girls her age. When Junior, the man she's pined for all her life, suddenly seeks her out, she's thrilled to be noticed . . . until she realizes he's only asking her to help get the attention of Mary Kathryn Hershberger, her pretty friend.

Stand-Alone Novels

  1. A Texan's Choice
    A Texan's Choice
    Shelley Shepard Gray
  2. Secrets of Sloane House - eBookeBOOK
    Secrets of Sloane House - eBook
    Shelley Shepard Gray
  3. Joyful, Return to Sugarcreek Series #3
    Joyful, Return to Sugarcreek Series #3
    Shelley Shepard Gray
    Save 23% $12.99 $9.99
  4. A Christmas for Katie
    A Christmas for Katie
    Shelley Shepard Gray
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
    Save 13% $3.99 $3.49
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