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Tips on Selecting a Bible Cover

  1. How will you use this Bible cover? stocks Bibles with zippers, handles, organizers, pockets, and backpack straps. Which is right for you?

  2. Measure your Bible and use your measurements to select a Bible cover slightly larger than Bible size. If you are a serious note-taker, or if you wish to include a study journal or Bible study book, please allow room as you calculate. Avoid a too-snug fit.

  3. Although the primary reason for a Bible cover is to protect your Bible from the elements and daily wear and tear, it is also an aid to organized Bible study, having your materials always in one convenient carry-all for home, church, or school.

  4. Choose a case for each Bible, for each season, for each occasion. Professionals, travelers, students, children, and teachers can each find a Bible case to specifically suit their requirements.

  5. Bible cover kits often include notepads, pens, magnifiers, highlighters, and bookmarks. The bestselling Wordkeeper covers are created exclusively for with many convenient Bible cover features.

  1. Protect Your Bible With a Bible Cover

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