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Okay, I'm An Affiliate...Now What Do I Do? Read More

So you just filled out an application, you have just reviewed the tools available in the Affiliate Lobby, and you created your first link... but you don't know what to do with it?

Why Am I Not Getting Any Sales? Read More

Discouragement is the affiliate's worst nightmare. Promoting all of these products creating dozens or hundreds of links and receiving little to no sales is frustrating.

Higher Level Store Link vs. Deeper Level Product Link Read More

Affiliates often ask which kind of link works better, a store link, or a product link. Both have their advantages and depending on your site(s) theme, one may be a better fit than the other.

Check The Site Often! Read More

The most commonly asked question from our affiliates is, "Do you have any advice to promote my links?" Our number one response has always been, "Check our site often!"

What Should I Link To? Read More

CBD features over 600,000 unique resources. Needless to say, not everything that we carry is relevant to your own site or content.

Unique Affiliate Link text Read More

When creating your affiliate links, you will see that we provide you with the HTML that you can easily copy and paste into your web source code. This is fine if you are just starting out, but before long you should experiment with changing the HTML to customize it for your own audience.

Social Media and Affiliate Links Read More

There is no denying the role social media is playing in marketing and there is no reason you can not also utilize social media in your own marketing campaigns.

Link Audit Read More

Affiliate marketing is not a “set it and forget it” (Ronco) method of earning revenue for your website, church, or ministry. If you are not actively monitoring your links, editing them, analyzing which ones succeed versus which ones do not, you are not setting yourself up for success.