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The Ultimatum, Steadfast Series #2
The Ultimatum, Steadfast Series #2
Nancy Moser
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Interview, Excerpt

Annie and Cal McFoy live a normal life with their eight-year-old Avi in Steadfast, Kansas. Until another man comes into Annie's life--Jesus Christ. She tries to explain to Cal and Avi the difference Jesus has made in everything, but Cal isn't willing to "give in" to God and change his way of life. He gives Annie the ultimatum: Choose Jesus or me. The family is taken hostage by thieves. Negotiations get desperate. Annie can't let Cal risk his life for them, now when his salvation is uncertain. The situation comes to a climax, and the whole town of Steadfast is left to make sense of the ultimate sacrifice.
The Ultimatum Discussion Questions: by Nancy Moser

  1. People come to Christ in different ways: Some can name one defining moment, others come to Him a little at a time, while still others can't remember a time when they weren't His. How did it happen to you? Or if it hasn't happened yet, what's keeping you from fully committing to Him?

  2. Cal and Annie don't understand each other. Do you have a famiy member who doesn't understand your faith—or do you find it hard to understand someone else's deep faith? What are the best ways for a believer and an unbeliever to connect?

  3. Have you ever pushed too hard to share your faith? What were the results?

  4. Jinko Dale lured Jered with charm and false promises. Do you think evil is more insidious if it's blatant or subtle? Why? When have you experienced either or both types?

  5. As the years passed, it got harder and harder for Cal to tell Annie his secrets. Do you have a secret that should come out? What's keeping you from clearing the air? Should all secrets come out?

  6. Bailey was a proud man. What were the consequences of his pride? How should a person deal with unhealthy pride—in themselves or someone else?

  7. Annie suspects Cal of having an affair. Do you think she handled her suspicions correctly? How might things have turned out if she'd reacted differently?

  8. God often has to do something drastic to get our attention. How has He gotten your attention? Or has He?

  9. Jered's dream was to be in the music business. Do you think he had what it takes to succeed? What's your dream? What are you doing to make it happen?

  10. Annie was willing to sacrifice her life for her family, which reveals a powerful love. But her reason for doing so—to give her husband more time to know the Lord—shows an even deeper commitment to her faith. How would you have reacted if put in this situation?

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