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Crystal Lies
Crystal Lies
Melody Carlson
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Shaken by her 19-year-old son's crystal-meth addiction, Glennis Harmon is further devastated by the discovery of her high-profile attorney husband's affair. Plunging into the role of rescuer, Glennis is determined to save Jacob at any cost. Will that high price include her relationship with her daughter, her marriage---and her own sanity? 352 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

 Crystal Lies Discussion Questions by Melody Carlson

The Harmon family seems somewhat blindsided by Jacob's drug problems. What signs were perhaps missed? Do you think anything would've played out differently if they'd been more aware of Jacob's susceptibility to chemical addiction? If so, what?

  • Early in the story Glennis portrays her family as rather "picture perfect." Do you think she really believed this? Why or why not? Why do we sometimes believe what we want to believe?

  • Glennis didn't seem to know that her marriage was in trouble when she left Geoffrey. When do you think their marital problems began? What could they have done differently?

  • Glennis had a classic codependent personality. Why do you think she was like this? What do you see as the negative and/ or positive traits of someone who is codependent? Do you see any of these traits in yourself?

  • Glennis had difficulty discerning the difference between loving and enabling. How would you distinguish between them? What guidelines do you use to determine this in your own life?

  • Sarah had almost completely disengaged herself from her brother and his problems. Do you think this was selfish or self-preserving or both? Explain.

  • What factors do you think were most critical to Glennis's discovery that she was part of the problem? Where did she find her best sources of help? If you were in her situation, where would you go for help?

  • Glennis's marriage was in worse shape than she had originally thought. Do you think she should have done something differently? What would you have done in a similar situation?

  • Were you surprised when Sherry's son Matthew died? Some may view this as a departure from the story line about Glennis and Jacob. In your opinion, what was its role and significance in this story?

  • Crystal Lies is as much about codependency as addiction. Did this story change any of your attitudes toward people who become caught in these traps? Do you know anyone sho's dealing with these issues? Do you view addicts and codependents differently now that you've read this book? Describe.

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