A Faithful Heart for Women Devotion

Devotion Series 1
A Faithful Heart for Women ( Friday , April 18, 2014 )
Each daily reading in A Faithful Heart for Women provides opportunities to put God where He belongs: at the center of your life. When you do so, you will worship Him, not just with words, but with deeds. And, you will become a righteous woman who shares His Son's message of love and salvation with the world. Copyright 2013. Freeman-Smith.

( Selections taken from A Faithful Heart for Women...365 Daily Devotions )

Heaven Calling Devotion

Devotion Series 2
Heaven Calling ( Friday , April 18, 2014 )
Stop for a moment. Listen carefully. He is whispering your name. He is telling you of His boundless love and patience, His care and concern for your every trial--voicing reassuring promises and hope. These beautiful yet simple daily devotions will carry you into His presence, where you will hear heavenly words speaking straight to your heart. Each of the 365 readings includes an uplifting message, an insightful theme verse, a seed prayer, and suggested Scripture that will lead you on a personal journey from Genesis through Revelation. Heaven Calling is a panoramic flight from the beginning of time all the way to God's throne of glory at the end of time. But more importantly, it is a touching, personalized portrait of life-giving truths. Truths that are calling out to you...truths that will carry you...truths that will embrace you every day of your life. Copyright 2013. Worthy Publishing.

( Selections taken from Heaven Calling...Hearing Your Father's Voice Everyday of the Year )