Hope for Each Day
   Devotion for Friday , February 15, 2013
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Selection Taken From:
Hope for Each Day: Morning & Evening Devotions by Billy Graham

For more than 60 years, Billy Graham has touched millions of lives with the gospel; counseled political leaders; and comforted the hurting in times of crisis. Combining his best-selling Hope for Each Day and Wisdom for Each Day, this special morning and evening collection of meditations will give you reasons to trust in times of uncertainty. 755 pages, russet imitation leather from Nelson.Copyright 2012

Morning-Filled with the Spirit
Evening-With God's Help


They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.


Bear with each other and forgive whatever
grievances you may have against one another.
Forgive as the Lord forgave you.



The early Christians had no buildings, no airplanes, no automobiles, no printing presses or televisions or radios. Yet they turned their world upside down for Christ. They started a spiritual revolution that shook the very foundations of the Roman Empire.

In the face of opposition and overwhelming odds, they stayed courageous, bold, dauntless, and full of faith. They lived their lives daily for Christ, no matter what others thought. They gladly suffered scorn, persecution, and even death for their faith in Christ.

What was their secret? The Bible gives us the key: "They were all filled with the Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit changed their lives, and those they met couldn't help but be impressed by their love and the quality and purity of their lives. What keeps us from turning our world upside down for Christ?


The command to forgive as we have been forgiven is difficult to obey, but we need to forgive people who have wronged us—even if we don't think they deserve it. If we don't, the poisons of anger and bitterness will eat away at our souls, but with God's help, we can deal with them in a way that honors Him.

First, if we were at fault in any way, we need to face it honestly and seek God's forgiveness. Then we need to ask the person to forgive us as well—even if they may refuse.

The next step is to ask God to help you forgive the one who hurt you. The only way to do this, I believe, is to realize how fully God has forgiven us in Christ. We don't deserve His forgiveness, yet we are "justified freely by His grace" (Romans 3:24). Open your heart to Christ, and then ask Him to replace your hurt and anger with His love—and He will.

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