Hope for Each Day
   Devotion for Tuesday , January 01, 2013

Selection Taken From:
Hope for Each Day: Morning & Evening Devotions by Billy Graham

For more than 60 years, Billy Graham has touched millions of lives with the gospel; counseled political leaders; and comforted the hurting in times of crisis. Combining his best-selling Hope for Each Day and Wisdom for Each Day, this special morning and evening collection of meditations will give you reasons to trust in times of uncertainty. 755 pages, russet imitation leather from Nelson.Copyright 2012

Morning-New Year, New Ways
Evening-In Tune with the Master


"Consider your ways."


You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. - Haggai 1:5; Psalm 32:7


Making New Year's resolutions and not keeping them is a universal experience. We may be sincere when we make them, but then we find them too hard to keep, or perhaps we forget all about them.

Let me give you two reasons why it can be good to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. First, it forces us to look at ourselves - to be honest about our failures and our need to change. Many New Year's resolutions are unrealistic or only wishful thinking, but the exercise of examining ourselves - with God's help - and seeing where we fall short is important.

Second, making a list of resolutions can turn us to God. If we are honest, we know we fall short of being what we ought to be - and because of that, we need God's forgiveness. We'll also realize that we can't live the way we should in our own strength. We need God's help.

Begin this year by making resolutions - especially the resolution to open your heart and life to Jesus Christ more than you ever have before.

Out West an old sheepherder had a violin, but it was out of tune. He had no way of tuning it, so in desperation he wrote one of the radio stations and asked them at a certain hour on a certain day to strike the tone A. The officials of the station decided they would accommodate the old fellow, and on that particular day the true tone of A was broadcast. His fiddle was thus tuned, and once more his cabin echoed with joyful music.

When we live apart from God, our lives get out of tune - out of harmony with others and with God. But if we live in tune with the Master, we, too, will find ourselves surrounded by His beautiful music.

As this new year begins, ask God to help you tune your life every day to His Word, so you can bring harmony and joy to those around you.

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