Experiencing God's Presence
   Devotion for Sunday , May 20, 2012
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Selection Taken From:
The One Year Experiencing God's Presence Devotional: 365 Daily Encounters to Bring You Closer to Him by Chris Tiegreen

Is your "relationship" with God empty of his presence? Are you relying more on your own resources than his promises? Offering a year's worth of insightful, thought-provoking reflections, Tiegreen helps you cultivate a palpable sense of God's companionship, learn to recognize his voice, and trust that he's always there beside you ready to help. 384 pages, softcover from Tyndale House Publisher's Inc., Copyright 2011

May 20

I live in the high and holy place with those whose spirits are contrite and humble. - Isaiah 57:15

"I come down. Your religious instincts will always tell you that you have to come up to Me, but you can't unless I enable you by first coming down. Haven't you seen My ways throughout history? I sent Moses to 'go down' into Egypt in order to rescue My people. I sent My prophets into battles and captivities in order to bring My people out. I clothed Myself in flesh, coming down to bring salvation to all who believe. My Son went down into the grave in order to raise people up into life. I sent My apostles - and many servants since into the depths of the world to bring people up into My Kingdom. The world's expectations are for a high and holy deity to insist that you reach higher. My way is to come down and lift you up to where I am.

"I am high and exalted, but that never keeps Me from entering into your condition. In your difficulties today, I come to empower you and guide you. In your limitations, I come down to defy them. Whatever depths you find yourself in tomorrow, I will be there to lift you up. I am the exalted One who exalts those who trust in Me.

"If you want to come up with Me, stop striving to go up yourself. Defy your instincts that drive you to 'achieve' spiritually. Those who strive for exaltation will never find it. I lift up the humble and contrite, the ones who rest in Me. Depend on My ability. Let My Spirit meet you where you are and bring you where I want you to be. Stop striving and know that I am God - and that the high and holy place is for everyone who is with Me."

Father, I want to live in the "high and holy place"
too, I want to rise above my circumstances and
live in Your power. Lift me up as I lay down my
efforts and humbly rest in You.

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