All to Jesus: A Year of Devotions
   Devotion for Monday , December 31, 2012

Selection Taken From:
All to Jesus: A Year of Devotions by Robert J. Morgan

For such a modest little word, "all" plays a significant role in Scripture, appearing nearly 6,000 times to amplify noble truths, commands, and promises! In his uplifting 365-day devotional, Morgan continually reminds you of God's purposes, power, and compassion. Prepare to gain deeper knowledge of your Creator and Savior! Originally titled My All in All. 400 pages, hardcover from B&H, Copyright 2012.

December 31th - Day 365

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen. - Revelation 22:21

Just as Genesis is the book of beginnings, Revelation is the book of endings, bringing the Bible full circle. Scripture begins and ends in Paradise. The devil isn't in the first or last two chapters of Scripture, but the Tree of Life is. In Genesis 1, God creates the heavens and the earth; in Revelation 21-22, He recreates them. In the Bible's opening scenes, humanity is perfect, sinless, happy, immortal, and in constant fellowship with God—and so in the final ones.
     Between the beginning and ending of Scripture are 1,185 chapters that tell us the story of the ages—how sin and suffering entered the human race and how God loved us and became a man to save us through the shed blood of the Lamb. Though written in sixty-six installments by forty-plus authors over fourteen hundred years in three languages on three continents, the Bible's story is consistent and cohesive, unfolding like the master plot of a novel, and centered around one person, the Lord Jesus Christ.
     When we come to the final paragraph of Revelation, we have the closing credits of Scripture: the Last Blessing (v. 14), the Last Invitation (v. 17), the Last Warning (vv. 18-19), the Last Promise (v. 20), the Last Prayer (v. 20), and the Last Benediction: "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints. Amen."
     The word saints encompasses everyone washed in the blood of Christ, the word all affirms its all-inclusiveness, and the final Amen punctuates it with a divine exclamation point. There is no better ending for a book, so . . .

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you! Amen.

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