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"It’s very satisfying to find out that a reader ‘gets’ the message I have worked so hard to communicate." These are the words of best-selling author Michael Phillips. He’s written five major historical fiction series for Christian readers, and his total number of books nears the 50 mark.

Among his popular works are The Secret of the Rose series (which chronicles the struggles of the von Dortmann family during and after World War II), the two Stonewycke sagas (which follow three generations of a prominent Scottish family from the mid-19th to the 20th centuries), the Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall series (which follows the Rutherfords of Devonshire), and The Russians series (following both a peasant family and a noble family). For the Stonewycke and Russians series, Michael shares authorship with another best-selling writer, Judith Pella. For the Rose books, he holds a special liking—it’s the series he feels best about (at least for right now).

" those books, I was at liberty to explore a spiritual depth in the characters without limits," says Michael. "There were no length or content restraints, so I was able to go further with the characters’ spiritual growth." And going further with his own talents and abilities is what Michael does very well.

He has several recent releases. Make Me Like Jesus, which invites people to examine the key decisions our Lord made--and learn what it means to be truly conformed to Christ's image. King's Crossroads, in which the people of the town are pointed to life changing decisions. The Shenendoah Sisters series, featuring Mayme and Katie, a slave and a plantation owner's daughter who are thrown together amidst the chaos of the Civil War.

Not only is he a noted fiction writer, he’s also the biographer of George MacDonald and the editor of the George MacDonald Classics series. "MacDonald has been a spiritual mentor to me," Michael says, "exactly as he was for C.S. Lewis."

Another writer who influenced Michael’s life was Thomas Kelley, the author of the spiritual classic, A Testament of Devotion. Kelly’s book made such an impression on Michael that it actually changed the course of his career. He first read it in college, where he went to pursue a physics career that would have possibly led to a job at NASA. "It [Testament] had such a profound impact on my whole spiritual being, I began giving copies away," he says. While searching for inexpensive ways to purchase the book, Michael created a small bookstore in a corner of his student apartment. This small venture grew, but after a few years of selling books, he became interested in writing them himself. And from that point on, Michael Phillips was a very busy man.

To tally his titles, Michael is an accomplished writer, editor, publisher, bookstore operator, homeschooler, husband, and father. He makes his home in Eureka, California, with his wife, Judy. They have three sons.

Updated June 2003

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