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They met outside the principal’s office in a crowded hallway of the high school where they’d both been hired as English teachers. Bill dropped his pencil, stooped down, straightened up, and said, "Hello there. What’s your name?"

"Gloria Sickal," she answered. "Who are you?"

"My name is Bill Gaither."

If someone had told this starry-eyed young couple that 35 years later they’d be married with three grown children, traveling around the globe and ministering as a world-famous singing-songwriting team, they never would have believed it. They were planning to be educators, not musicians! But after they’d been dating a while, Bill shyly played some of his gospel songs for Gloria. Gloria (who secretly wrote poetry) "fixed" a few of Bill’s lyrics and added some of her own. One thing led to another, and soon they were co-writing songs. The world of southern gospel music would never be the same.

Together, Bill and Gloria have created a powerful, close-knit family dynasty and a far-reaching musical ministry that has touched the lives of countless believers. Their beloved worship songs have enjoyed such popularity among churchgoers that the music has literally traveled around the globe. Today, you can hear people singing "Something Beautiful" and "Let’s Just Praise the Lord" in churches from Amsterdam to Africa. The heartfelt strains of "He Touched Me," "There’s Something About That Name," and "Because He Lives" have filled the air in little country chapels and auditoriums packed with thousands of worshippers. The Gaithers’ wildly popular Homecoming concerts are consistent sell-outs in America and beyond, and the companion Homecoming videos are always near the top of CBD’s bestseller lists.

Between them, the Gaithers have written 600 songs, produced 60 recordings and a dozen musicals, raised 3 children (Suzanne, Amy, and Benjamin), and grandparented 3 grandchildren. As producers, they’ve also been quick to give rising talent a chance to shine. (Just ask Steve Green, Sandi Patty, Larnelle Harris, Mark Lowry, and any of a dozen or more contemporary musicians who’ve shared the stage with Bill and Gloria over the years!) Gloria is the best-selling author of a number of books, including What My Parents Did Right, Because He Lives, and Let’s Make a Memory, co-authored with Shirley Dobson. Bill is co-author, with Jerry Jenkins, of the book Homecoming. Bill and Gloria currently make their home in Alexandria, Indiana.

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