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You canít write a book entitled How to Live with Your Kids When Youíve Already Lost Your Mind without having a sense of humor. This is Ken Davisís giftórevealing the lessons and truths of life while bringing tears of laughter to your eyes. Zig Ziglar says: "Ken Davis is a truly funny man whose story-telling ability is magnificent. His humor brings lots of laughter to young and old as well as a powerful message of hope and encouragement."

Because of that attitude of inspiration, Ken has become one of Americaís most-sought-after motivational speakers, working as a long-time staffer with the Youth for Christ ministry and as the head of Dynamic Communicatorís Seminar, a program that trains business and professional people in the fine art of communication. One of his primary messages, between all the stories and the laughs, is the life-changing power and relevance of Jesus Christ. "Ken is more than an entertainer," says Tony Campolo, "he communicates the gospel message with profound content."

Nowhere is this more evident than in his books and performance videos. His books have received the Campus Life Book of the Year award and the Gold Medallion award.

In How to Live with Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind, Ken uses the Bible to stress the importance of harmony in the home to an unlikely audienceóteenagers. Teens learn that God is the "Wizard of Odds," able to help them overcome any family problem. In How to Live with Your Kids When Youíve Already Lost Your Mind, Ken steps into the parentsí shoes. He helps moms and dads cope with the turbulent teen years using Scriptural principles and his own experience parenting teenage daughters. The stories are hilarious! In A Wimpy Prophet, a Butane Bush, and No Excuses (released on both audiobook and video), Ken addresses the 5 excuses Moses tried to give God.

And then there are those uproarious videos like Lighten Up!, in which he talks about God as the "Author of Joy"; and A Twisted Mind, a collection of his best comedy routines. Seeing him perform before a live audience is a treat not to be missed.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Ken graduated from Oak Hills Bible Institute. He and his wife, Diane, live in Colorado with their daughters.

Whether heís encouraging executives at a conference, teens at a rally, or the entire family in the living room, Ken Davis makes a lasting impact on peopleís lives. Take it from an Anderson University student who raves, "On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate Ken a 10!"

Updated 6/2003.

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