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"Sandi Patty's range -- both vocally and in her repertoire -- is astonishing. She repeatedly found the heart of every song she sang, and delivered it for all it was worth. . . . Undoubtedly, most of the audience discovered what Christian music fans have known for years. Sandi Patty is one of the major talents and great voices of our time." -- Richmond Times-Dispatch, in a review of a 1997 concert with the Richmond Symphony.

With over 11 million records sold, Sandi Patty has earned an astounding 35 Dove Awards (10 straight years as Female Vocalist of the Year), 5 Grammy Awards, 3 platinum albums, and 5 gold albums. When she took the stage to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the lead performer at the 1997 Presidential Inaugural Gala on CBS, America was once again reminded why she continues to be a pre-eminent figure in both Christian contemporary and mainstream music circles.

Some of the most memorable albums in the diverse Sandi Patty collection are her Christmas projects. A Sandi Patty rendition of "O Holy Night" is a holiday tradition in millions of homes across the country. Her 1984 album, The Gift Goes On, has sold 600,000 copies to date and become one of the most adored collections of Christmas songs. In 1992, Hallmark produced a limited-edition Christmas project with Sandi which sold over 1.5 million copies.

Through a very painful and public divorce and remarriage, Sandi has discovered personally that The Gift -- of God's grace -- Goes On. She says, "When your world feels shattered, you have to begin rebuilding. You can stay where you are, broken, or you can choose to move on and build something better, by God's grace." She has been challenged by the truth in God's word that forgiveness, grace, and new beginnings are not only for those she has sung to over the years, but for herself as well. Her newest album, Artist of My Soul, describes God's ongoing creative involvement in molding her into the person he would have her to be.

O Lord of beauty, Lord of art,
Who gives a song for every heart,
Carve out my life, reshape and mold,
And be the artist of my soul.
Professional success aside, Sandi is the first to admit that her most important endeavor is raising her family. With eight kids, softball games and dance practice are a big part of that repertoire. In her hometown community of Anderson, Indiana, she is as well-known for her efforts as a softball team mom as she is for her national status as a premiere vocalist. She sees that as the greatest compliment of all.

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