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Randy J. Schum (b. 1953) was raised in Rochester, New York and moved to Orlando, FL in 1981 to work as an engineer at a Fortune 500 Company. Although, while devoting his workweek to engineering activities, he continued to raise his family, pursue his love for writing, teaching, art, and music.

During the last forty years Randy has taken many practical opportunities to both demonstrate and observe the wonderful effects of Big-Heartedness in his day-to-day activities in the workplace and elsewhere. In his book Big-Hearted People, Make A Difference by Living Simply, Giving Freely and Loving Deeply, he draws from these unique experiences and inspires both readers and audiences to look beyond themselves and reach out to others using the gifts they haveŚright where they are. He emphasizes that even the small things that Big-Hearted People do to make a difference in the lives of others has a more far reaching effect than most people realize.

In 2009 Randy founded the Web site out of concern that many Big-Hearted People were not recognized or honored for their selfless service to others. He created the Web site to provide a global means of honoring Big-Hearted People for their acts of Big-Heartedness which produce great blessings, yet often go unnoticed.

Randy is a poet, musician, writer, artist, and inspirational speaker who has a deep passion to use his gifts to bless and encourage others. His practical, down-to-earth teaching and writing style motivates people to open their hearts to greater community with each other but more importantly with God. Randy and his wife of thirty nine years, Ruth, now live in upstate New York, are the parents of three daughters, five granddaughters and two grandsons. For inspiration and relaxation, Randy enjoys listening to early classical music, playing his guitar, renaissance lute and creating artistic calligraphy.

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