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Janice VanCleave is a former secondary classroom teacher who has written more than 50 science and math books for kids and educators. Her reading audience spans ages from kindergarten to high school seniors. Janice's books are translated in fifteen languages and to date there have been more than two million copies sold. So it is safe to say that kids and educators around the world are playing and having fun doing Janice VanCleave investigations.

Janice is quick to encourage anyone reluctant to ask what they think might be a “dumb” question. According to Janice, “There is no such think as a dumb question.” Janice” family and friends certainly have no qualms about asking her science questions. She tells of a phone call from a friend who wanted to know why there was a slice of bread in a box of cookies her grandmother has sent. Janice assured the friend that granny was not having any mental problems. Instead she was making sure the cookies stayed nice and soft. Granny most likely didn't know the science behind the act but from experience knew the bread would give up its water to the more sugary cookies. The process is due to sugar being hygroscopic (ability to absorb water from the air).

Janice, Wade (husband of more than 50 years), and Sweet Pea (her Maltese pup) live outside the small rural town of Riesel, Texas.

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