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I was born in West Virginia in 1961 and grew up in a small town much like Dogwood. I was affected by my parents, my older brothers, the hills, and books. I was never a very fast reader, but the things I read really helped change me. Particularly novels. I vowed I would write if I ever got the chance.

I met Jerry Jenkins at Moody Bible Institute in the 1980s. He discovered I wanted to write and said, "I can help you do this if you want, but it will be painful." Boy was it painful. Gloriously painful. In 1998, Jerry and Dr. Tim LaHaye hired me to write the Left Behind: The Kids series. I had published five books up to that point. I wrote 35 books in that series over the next six years, finishing in 2004.

Dogwood was my first real attempt at writing for adults. It took more than six years to get to the page and to find a publisher. It received the 2009 Christy Award for Christian fiction in the Contemporary Standalone category, which surprised the Dogwood out of me. My latest novel, June Bug, is a retelling of the classic Victor Hugo tale, Les Miserables. A nine-year-old girl walks into Walmart and sees herself on a missing children poster. Who is she? Who is her father who travels with her in the beat-up RV? Charles Martin wrote this about the story: "Anne Lamott said that good writing is about telling the truth. Chris Fabry has done this. Beautifully. June Bug is masterful. An honest story that dove deep inside me and lingered long after I turned the last page."

I graduated from the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. I have been married to Andrea since 1982. We have nine children and are not Mormon or Catholic. Just prolific Protestants. In October of 2008, our family evacuated our house in Colorado, leaving behind all our belongings because of a toxic mold exposure. Since then we have been living near Tucson, AZ, in order to get medical help for the mold exposure.

Stop by my Web site at to learn more about my writing and radio endeavors, and be sure to sign up for my e-newsletter, the FABRYGRAM. I can also be found on Facebook, or you can e-mail me at

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