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Carole Lewis struggled to lose the extra twenty pounds that were weighing her down. As she approached her 40th birthday, she was trying every diet possible. At that point, she was on the Atkins diet, eating 5 grams of carbs a day, no fruit, and no bread. Since every diet failed to keep the extra weight off, she joined a new Bible-centered dieting program at her church. She and twelve other men and women sought to find balance in the four major areas of their lives—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The result of this program was unimaginable and eventually took on the name “First Place” because the diet circled around one driving force: God. In 1981, Carole become one of the first members of First Place and, now, over 12,000 churches have used the program to help their members loose weight. In 1987, she became its national director.

Carole is a well sought-after speaker and author. Her books include Choosing to Change, First Place, Today is the First Day, Back on Track, The Mother Daughter Legacy, The Divine Diet, Living Well, A Thankful Heart, Stop It, and First Place 4 Health.

She and her husband, Johnny live in Galveston Bay and have three children (one deceased) and eight grandchildren.

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