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Susan Titus Osborn suffered emotional abuse as a child and continued the cycle by marrying a verbally abusive husband. Today she is remarried to a supportive Christian husband and the cycle of abuse has been broken. Susan has published 28 books and offers women hope to heal emotional hurts through God's love and guidance.

Karen Kosman grew up in an alcoholic home and learned firsthand the pain of verbal abuse. Later she married a man who continued the cycle of emotional abuse in her life. Once again verbal abuse became part of the daily routine. Gradually through Scripture, counseling, and Godís love, healing began and today she is remarried to a supportive, Christian husband, and the cycle of abuse has been broken.

As a little girl Jeenie Gordon laid in bed listening to the yelling of her father ó physically abusing her mother and breaking furniture. Jeenie's fragile heart was struck with terror. Her father had little respect for women and years later, he verbally abused Jeenie and her sister. In turn, Jeenie married a man who carried on the verbal abuse. She has dealt with numerous patients who have also been emotionally abused in her twenty-five years as a marriage and family therapist.

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