Meet Donna Margaret Greene

Donna spends most of her weekends going to weddings. Why? She has invested herself in the lives of the girls who are getting married.

For more than 30 years, as the founder and director of Community Ministry for Girls, Donna has been there. Ministering to more than 3,700 girls, she has served as their mentor walking them through the teenage years, helping them work through the transition to college, and making that move with real expectations. She has offered real advice on what it means to live the life of a twentysomething girl and now she helps these girls who are entering the next phase of life make informed and realistic decisions about marriage.

The purpose of her ministry, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is to help girls grow into spiritually mature women. As a result, she has authored several books including, To Knot or Not: Honest Advice from Married Women, Growing Godly Women: A Christian Womanís Guide to Mentoring Teenage Girls, Letters from Campus, and twentysomething girl: real advice on relationships, careers, & life on your own.

Donna, who became a Christian at the age of nine, has spent a lifetime pursuing ministry education among teens and young women. She holds a bachelorís degree in sociology and psychology from the University of Alabama and a masterís degree in Christian education from Birmingham Theological Seminary. With her training and passion, she has taught at a local Christian school, worked at an orphanage and ministered to disabled children, and established her ministry.

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